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Chris' photo on the Wildwoods Vacation Planner 2021

Hi all -- I'm so excited to say that one of my photographs appears on the front of the Best of the Wildwoods Vacation Planner 2021!

If you purchased the Wildwood 2021 Wall Calendar, you might recognize this photo -- it's July's photo!

This photo was taken at about 6:15am as the sun rose over the ocean in the Wildwoods. While early mornings aren't my specialty generally-speaking, this photo really reminds me that catching a Wildwood sunrise is worth the early alarm clock! I don't know about you, but I wish I could step into this scene right now!

As for the Wildwood Planner; it's great! I pick up a copy every summer and recommend you do too! It has a listing of events, coupons and other useful information and recommendations for the Wildwoods every year!

You can view a digital copy of the Planner on the Wildwood Chamber of Commerce website or be on the lookout this summer; you'll be able to find physical copies at various spots around the Wildwoods!

To see more photos like this one, be sure to follow Beach Day Gifts & More (my art/photography/design shop!) on Instagram / Facebook and me, Chris, on Instagram where I post my various adventures in photography (in and outside of the Wildwoods)!

Special thanks to the Wildwood Chamber of Commerce -- As a lifelong Wildwood lover, it's a really bizarre and amazing feeling to be a part of the Planner!

Forever appreciative of your support,