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Photography IN the North Wildwood Waves...

I am so excited to tell you about this photo, captured this summer: In The Waves of North Wildwood!

Not only has this photograph been featured widely by Morey's Piers, Wildwood365 & others on social media, but it also appears in the Wildwood 2024 Calendar!

I captured this scene using a special waterproof camera this summer -- I was hopeful a photo from this vantage might be neat, but it was difficult in the moment to know if it would actually work. When I got back home and went through the photos, 99.9% of the attempted photos were literally terrible. But then there was this jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it... The framing and timing of the scene are amazingly lucky and beautiful!

I decided to have several 11x14" art prints printed by the print shop and it turned out beautiful, as always! If you'd like one, please go to the shop and check it out there!

Thanks so much!