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About Wildwood Photo of the Day 

Wildwood Photo of the Day is perfect for you if 1.) you love the Wildwoods and 2.) enjoy escaping to the sunny Wildwoods all-year-long with beautiful sights all across the island!

Each day I post a favorite photo of the beautiful Wildwoods!

I've been going to the Wildwoods for vacation since I was just 2 weeks old. Now, with my trusty iPhone and Nikon D5600 / Sony A7Riii cameras, I venture down throughout the year to (try to) capture just how beautiful the island and its beaches, boardwalk, ocean, and bay truly are!

I also produce the annual Wildwood Wall Calendar, available through

I also post the best photos from my travels and more on Instagram: @ChristopherJ.Martin.

Thank so much, as ever, for your support and interest!